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What Is Business Intelligence?

  • Business Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.
  • This is a key point to remember as BI is used to describe many of the activities that occur around the University, but that rarely encapsulates the entire breadth of standard BI scope. 

BI Tools

DM&A :
  • WSO2 is our API focused integration tool. This allows us to connect and integrate with a variety of cloud based applications in to our centralized data warehouse.
  • Streamsets - This tool allows us to integrate with certain applications where data needs to be streamed instead of having a nightly integration.
  • NiFi - This new addition to our integration capabilities comes from our Hadoop Cluster. This allows for powerful and scalable data routing, transformation, and mediation logic to bring data to our data lake.
  • Informatica - is our primary tool for database data integrations, migrations, or transformations.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) – Webi is our primary tool for populating the standard reports library. Webi is effective for creating reports that contain lists and tables.
  • Tableau – Tableau is our go-to software for data visualization and dashboard creating. Tableau is best suited to visualize aggregated data through graphs and charts, not tables and lists.
  • Dataiku  -  We are currently evaluating Dataiku as a centralized data science workbench for the University and not able to provide this as a centralized service at this time. If you are interested in a robust and powerful data science workbench, please get in contact with
  • For questions about access or analytics request please email or submit a request here.
  • Collibra - we are currently working on bringing in metadata and business terms into this data management tool. With the data being brought into this tool, data stewards will be able to see how data is being used, and data consumers will be able to show where they are getting data from and how to accurately interpret their analysis.

Webi Reports Library

To find a list and descriptions of our current reports, visit

Last Updated: 5/28/21