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Business Intelligence receives student affairs campus Partner Award

The Business Intelligence Team recently received the Student Affairs Campus Partner Award. The award was issued to the BI Team due to its' transformative contribution to the Student Affairs department as well as the Unviersity's data culture. The BI Team has been instrumental in helping different university organizations address their data needs and this award shows the hard work and dedication that the BI Team has done for Student Affairs. If you'd like to read more about the BI Team's contributions to Student Affairs and the article on this award/event, check out this link.

Machine Learning

The BICOE is delving into machine learning with its new Machine Learning Innovation Group. Machine learning is unique in that it can be used to analyze semi-structured and unstructured data – blog posts and pictures, for example – and can create associations between that data and structured data (also called relational data). One of the many things we hope to do with machine learning is provide ServiceNow with tools to better route tickets.



Last Updated: 10/5/21