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Goodbye, Dane!

We are sad to say goodbye to long-time intern Dane Luby, who graduated this May. Dane started working with the BICOE in June 2015. Through his internship, he said he has gained a greater understanding of the business intelligence framework as well as improved his SQL and data visualization skills. While he worked on a large variety of projects, he is particularly proud of his work for AER (the Office of Assessment, Evaluation & Research), which includes the Graduate Survey and First Destination dashboards. More information about these dashboards can be found on our Projects page.

Following this work and his graduation, Dane has been hired by AER to work as a Business Systems Analyst full time. Some of his new responsibilities include supporting data integration and analytics by building processes for the collection, cleaning, and analysis of data. We wish him the very best in his new position.

Machine Learning

The BICOE is delving into machine learning with its new Machine Learning Innovation Group. Machine learning is unique in that it can be used to analyze semi-structured and unstructured data – blog posts and pictures, for example – and can create associations between that data and structured data (also called relational data). One of the many things we hope to do with machine learning is provide ServiceNow with tools to better route tickets.

BI Funded

In July 2017, we were awarded the funding required to hire a Business Analyst and a Data Architect. While we only received 20% of the funding requested in our 2015 business case, it is essential in allowing us to continue building the BI community. In addition to allowing us to expand our service offerings to more groups across campus, this funding will also aid in the creation of governance groups and committees that will help shape the direction of BI.

A new business case is in the works that will be published at the end of September. We are revising our short-, medium-, and long-term goals in response to receiving only partial funding. With this new course of action, we look forward to collaborating further with OBIA, who has been a close partner of the BICOE since its inception, as well as our other partners across campus.

BI Gets a Writer

BI hired a writer at the beginning of July 2017 in the form of a student intern. McKenzie Spehar, a Writing & Rhetoric Studies major, will be handling a variety of BI writing needs. One of her first projects will be completing the Business Intelligence website. She will also be responsible for aspects of the USS BI Wiki and certain BI documentation.

Last Updated: 5/31/18