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Active Projects

The following is a short list of some of our current projects. For more information on current projects, contact Tom Howa at

AER (The Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research)

The Graduate Survey Dashboard

  • This dashboard looks at a survey of graduated students – both undergraduate and graduate – looking back at their academic career and their experiences at the University of Utah. This helps the University look at what factors helped students succeed, allowing them to make recommendations regarding budget allocation. (90% complete)

Another project we have been working on is to make information such as admissions data, basic demographics, and student employee details available to AER in the Operational Data Store so they may access it in Tableau. (ongoing)

Canvas Data Warehouse

The newly-built Canvas Data Warehouse draws its data from Canvas. This integration is done using RESTful Canvas Data API, which pulls data from Canvas, separates it, and stores it in UIT Transfer Server. From there, ETL Tool picks up the files, reads the data, and populates the Canvas Data Warehouse with the appropriate facts and dimensions. With this new data warehouse, users will be able to analyze and report on students’ Canvas data using Tableau and other data science tools. Further enhancements are continuously being made. (ongoing)

Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program (GSHIP)

The Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) project exists to help coordinate financial accounting entries that track student fees, payroll deductions, and health insurance premiums for graduate students participating in the program. This reconciliation occurs twice a year, in the Spring and Fall semesters. To learn more about GSHIP, visit here. (ongoing)

Marketing & Communications

My Emma is an application that helps businesses create professional targeted marketing emails. Emma works using accounts, with a parent account managing sub accounts, each of which has different audiences (aka members). What we are doing includes helping to maintain members based on data in PeopleSoft, update any changes in an active member, add members into certain groups to be email-targeted collectively, and manage emails of members which bounce into "error" status, to name a few. (ongoing)

OBIA (The Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis)

We are beginning work on replacing the SQR feed that is used to report faculty and HR data to groups such as AAUP, Barron’s, and IPEDS. (10% complete)

Reporting Using Web Intelligence (Webi)

We are constantly working on and updating reports through Web Intelligence. Our main focus recently has been setting up the Universe for Phase 2 Users so that they can access the appropriate data within their departments. Another focus has been updating the Metadata page on all reports to make sure all users understand the data that is being reported on. (ongoing)

School of Business

We are working with the School of Business to create new architecture for the college's data and reporting environment, which will be done by converting current reporting software to Webi and Tableau and by moving data from the School of Business's internal storage to the Student Data Warehouse. Additionally, we are creating a data feed from PeopleSoft to Salesforce, which will be used to track student information. This change is designed to support the efficient use of resources and to obtain higher quality data than currently available.

Space Management

Space Management is the system of records for location information. It was found that location information is widely spread throughout the University, so we are working on establishing a link between Space Management and Business Intelligence to aid in keeping our location data in sync with PeopleSoft and other systems. (95% complete)

Past Projects

The following is a short list of some of our past projects. For more information on completed projects, contact Tom Howa at


First Destination Dashboard

  • The First Destination Dashboard takes career plans and pathway information from a set of surveys taken shortly before a student graduates, three months after they’ve graduated, and then six months after they’ve graduated. This dashboard organizes that information for a visual look at how well a student’s degree has prepared them for their desired career.

Public First Destination Dashboards

  • While the First Destination Dashboard is strictly for internal use, the six Public First Destination Dashboards can be found on the Career & Professional Development Center’s “Who Hires U of U Grads" page. Unofficial report, these are for student use, as a resource to see potential post-graduation outcomes. Tracked data includes “Full-time Employment Salary,” “Career Outcomes by Organization,” and “Internship Placements.”

Continuing Education & Community Engagement

We worked with Continuing Education & Community Engagement to give them better access to data by moving the required data from PeopleSoft to the University's Operation Data Store (ODS). This data will be used to create dashboards for analytical purposes.

Marketing & Communications

The University Marketing & Communications department utilizes InfusionSoft software to maintain a contacts database that is used to send emails and target customers. There were some cases where the contacts data was wrong/outdated. We provided a permanent solution that will pull the correct data from the PeopleSoft system into the InfusionSoft software so the contacts database will always have correct and current information. The data from InfusionSoft is integrated into the ODS (BIPR Database), which can be used to perform any reporting in the future.

Office of the Registrar

Civitas Data Integration Project

  • The project involved delivering PeopleSoft data from key student tables to the Vendor’s schema on the BIPR Database. The data is delivered using Informatica mappings and workflows. PeopleSoft tables, which do not use effective dating, have validations in the workflows to look for Inserts, Updates, and Deletes (marked) in the final data.
Last Updated: 5/4/18