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Web Intelligence Usage SAP WEBI

Web Intelligence (referred to as Webi) is a software in the SAP BusinessObjects product suite used for analytical reporting. Webi is a business intelligence reporting tool for users to analyze data from a data warehouse, helping organizations with decision-making. Webi is best suited for reports containing tables and lists.

Webi uses what is known as a semantic layer to isolate users from the technical complexities of databases. This layer is called a universe, which users interact with. Universes are sectioned off for certain types of data that is stored in a data warehouse.

How Do I Get Access to a Web Intelligence Universe?

Access to the Student Data Warehouse and the Finance Data Warehouse Universes may be granted upon request, pending approval.

Access to the Student Data Warehouse

  • Navigate to
  • Click on "Training & Access" and complete the "FERPA Certification"
  • Once you have completed the training, send an email to requesting access; you will be be given a form you must complete in order to gain access
  • Upon approval, training materials will be posted to your Canvas page
  • Complete the training modules to get a high level overview of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report generation utility
  • Once completed, visit our Web Intelligence Login page for the appropriate link

What Is Available to View?

To see our current library of Web Intelligence reports, visit

Access to the Finance Data Warehouse

To request access to the Finance Data Warehouse, follow the link below:


Last Updated: 3/24/21