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Mission Statement:

Utilize data management standards, data models, collaboration, and transparency to help departments expand their data usage and analysis.

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 Data Governance Roles

Data Custodians

  • Implement University Policy
  • Implement best practices.
  • Responsible for system(s) that create, receive, and process data


Data Custodian -- The organization or individual who implements the policy, procedures and best practices defined by the Data Steward, and has responsibility for IT systems that create, receive, store, process or transmit Institutional Data (Policy 4-001, Section II).

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Data Administrators

  • Under direction of the data custodian
  • Responsible for day-to-day data operations


 Data Administrators -- University staff members that, under the direction of the Data Custodian, have day-to-day operational responsibility for data capture, maintenance and dissemination. Data Administrators may also include departmental data and network systems managers and their staff (Policy 4-001, Section II).

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Data Users

  • Access data to perform assigned duties


Data User: Individuals and organizations that access Institutional Data and Information in order to perform their assigned duties or to fulfill their role in the university community (Policy 4-001, Section II).

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Last Updated: 3/8/22