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Data Science

Data Science in Business Intelligence

In the Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BICOE), Data Science is the application of advanced algorithms, models, and analytic techniques that allow for the detection, extraction, and model-based analysis of latent features contained within the various datasets generated, gathered, and used throughout campus. A key goal for the team is to enable a meaningful realization of the value of the University’s data while simultaneously empowering the organization’s students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with comprehensive and data-driven analytic, interpretative, and predictive capabilities.

Current projects make use of a wide variety of data including:

  • Comments from student class evaluation data in order to understand and predict student sentiment with respect to the courses they are taking and to aid in the development of a prototype course recommendation system
  • Campus-wide technology incident reporting data in an effort to understand and develop requirements for an automated help-desk ticket routing engine
  • University network and security log information in order to better detect and respond to anomalies, predict usage levels or outages, and model events and behaviors throughout campus systems
Last Updated: 3/24/21